Organizations with the BigML Dashboard

5 Creating Projects

Owners, admins, and members can create projects in the organization. Restricted members cannot create projects in the organization, but Owners and admins can decide that a private project is created for each member when joining the Organization (see subsection 4.1.2 ). For a detailed explanation of the different roles see Table 2.1 . There is a limit of 1,000 projects per organization.

To create a new project, you can use the Add new project option from the project list view menu (Figure 5.1 ).

Figure 5.1 Add new project from the projects list view

Alternatively, use the Add new project menu option from the Dashboard (Figure 5.2 ).

Figure 5.2 Add new project from the Dashboard

A new modal window will be displayed (Figure 5.3 ) so you can set the project name, the project privacy settings (see section 5.1 ), and optionally the project tags and description section 5.3 .

Figure 5.3 Set the project name

When the project is created, you can invite other users (see subsection 5.2.1 ).

In the case of restricted members that cannot create projects, the message in Figure 5.4 will appear if they try to access an organization Dashboard where there are no projects.

Figure 5.4 Message for restricted members when there are no projects in the organization