Organizations with the BigML Dashboard

4.3 Managing User Roles in the Organization

If you are the Owner or the Admin of the organization, you can change other user roles in the organization at any time. The roles define the user actions in the organization, basically, the management of the organization account and the ability to create and access projects.

There are four main roles in any organization: owner, admin, member and restricted member. See a detailed description of which actions can be perfomed by each role in Table 2.1 .

To change a role for a given user, select the new role as shown in Figure 4.22 .

Figure 4.22 Change user roles in the organization

A modal window will appear asking you for confirmation. When you confirm it, the user will be notified by e-mail.

Figure 4.23 Confirm user roles change

The only user whose role cannot be edited is the owner, as the organization needs an owner. The owner is the creator of the organization by default. The owner can transfer ownership to another user in the organization by selecting the owner role for another user. The former owner will be automatically assigned an admin role.