Organizations with the BigML Dashboard

5.3 Descriptive Information

Each project has an associated name, description, and tags. A brief description follows for each concept.

If you have Admin permissions permissions for a project, you will be able to see an icon to edit the project descriptive information as shown in Figure 5.12 .

Figure 5.12 Edit projects

5.3.1 Project Name

Each project needs a name (see Figure 5.13 ) that is displayed in the project list view and also in the selector next to the organization name in the Dashboard. Project names are indexed to be used in searches.

The name of a project cannot be longer than 90 characters. There is no restriction on the characters that can be used in a project display name. More than one project can have the same name, but they will always have different identifiers.

Figure 5.13 Project name

5.3.2 Project Description

Each project also has a description that is useful for documenting your Machine Learning tasks. Descriptions can be written using plain text and also markdown. BigML provides a simple markdown editor that accepts a subset of markdown syntax. (See Figure 5.14 .)

Figure 5.14 Project name

Descriptions cannot be longer than 8192 characters and can use any character.

5.3.3 Tags

A project can also have a number of tags associated with it that can provide some extra information (see Figure 5.15 ). Tags are also very helpful to search for a project in the project list using the keywords “tags:” followed by the tag you want to search for.

Each tag is limited to a maximum of 128 characters. Each project can have up to 32 different tags.

Figure 5.15 Project tags