Organizations with the BigML Dashboard

1 Introduction

Machine Learning projects usually involve many people from different teams and departments that need to work on and/or visualize the same resources. An Organization in BigML is a collaborative workspace where several users can work on the same projects from different accounts at different permission levels.

To create an organization in BigML, you need to buy a subscription for the organization. The organization subscriptions work exactly the same as the personal subscriptions: there is a maximum size for the dataset and a maximum of parallel tasks per user. The personal account subscription and the organization subscription work independently from each other. Depending if you are working in the organization or in your personal account, you will enjoy the corresponding subscription. See section 3.4 to learn more about this.

This document provides a comprehensive description of organizations in BigML. First, find an overview of how organizations work in Chapter 2 . The following chapters provide more detailed descriptions of how to create an organization (see Chapter 3 ), how to invite new users to an organization (Chapter 4 ), and how to create projects in an organization (Chapter 5 ). Finally, you can find an explanation about how to manage the organization account, which includes the subscription, the profile, and the deletion of the organization (Chapter 6 ).

If you do not belong to any organization, you will see your personal account selected on top of the project list (Figure 1.1 ) and also in the BigML Dashboard (Figure 1.2 ).

Figure 1.1 Your personal account in the project list
Figure 1.2 Your personal account in the Dashboard

When you belong to an organization you will be able to find it in the organization selector in the project list view (Figure 1.3 ).

Figure 1.3 Select the organization in the project list view

If the organization has no projects, you will not be able to create any resource in the organization. If you try to go to the organization Dashboard, a modal window to create a new project will be displayed (see Figure 1.4 ). The main reason for this is because the different levels of Permissions to access the resources are given by project, so resources need to be created within a project in the organization Dashboard.

Figure 1.4 Create your first project in the organization

When you create a project, you will be able to go to the organization Dashboard and start creating resources (see Figure 1.5 ).

Figure 1.5 Select the organization in the Dashboard