Organizations with the BigML Dashboard

4 Managing Users in the Organization

Only users with Owner or Admin roles can manage other users in an organization. The users are managed from the organization account. You can access the organization account from the project list view by clicking on the Organization settings menu option as shown in Figure 4.1 .

Figure 4.1 Access the organization settings from the project list view

You can also find the same option from the organization Dashboard (Figure 4.2 )

Figure 4.2 Access the organization settings from the Dashboard

Alternatively, from your personal account, click the Manage organization icon next to the organization name in the Organizations section. (See Figure 4.3 .)

Figure 4.3 Manage your organization from your account

From the organization account, select the Users section. When you first create an organization, you will see only yourself in this section as the owner of the organization (see Figure 4.4 ).

Figure 4.4 Users section in the organization account

From this section invite new users (see section 4.1 ), revoke an existing invitation (see section 4.2 ), manage user roles in the organization (see section 4.3 ), and remove users from the organization (see section 4.4 ).