Organizations with the BigML Dashboard

3.4 Organization Subscription

To create an organization, you need to buy a subscription plan. The subscription plans for organizations work the same way as they do for the personal accounts. Each user in the organization will be limited by the maximum dataset size and the maximum parallel tasks depending on the subscription plan purchased.

Each subscription plan includes one user and you can add as many additional users as you wish. Each user will have an extra cost per month, per quarter, or per year, depending on the subscription period you select. For a quaterly subscription period, you will enjoy a 15% discount and for a yearly period a 30% discount. You need to add at least one additonal user to create an organization, i.e, the organization must include at least two users to be created.

Note: the subscription limits for the organization apply to each user. E.g., if you buy a PRO plan and 4 users, each user in the organization will enjoy a maximum dataset size of 4 GB and a maximum of 8 parallel tasks.

Figure 3.7 Buy a subscription for the organization

The organization subscription works independently from the personal account subscription. If you are working in the organization Dashboard, you will enjoy the limits set by the organization subscription and if you are working in your personal Dashboard, you will enjoy the limits set by your personal subscription. You can find in the top menu the information of each subscription according to the Dashboard you select (see Figure 3.8 ).

Figure 3.8 See the organization subscription limits