Organizations with the BigML Dashboard

5.2 Managing Users in a Private Project

If you have Admin permissions permissions in a Private projects, you can invite users from the organization to collaborate on the project (subsection 5.2.1 ), edit their permissions (subsection 5.2.2 ), and remove them from the project (subsection 5.2.3 ).

Note: you cannot manage users in public projects, since all users in the organization will have non-editable write permissions.

5.2.1 Inviting Users to a Private Project

You can invite users within the organization to collaborate on private projects. You cannot invite an external user to a project; the user needs to belong to the organization first.

  1. If you have admin permissions in a private project, you can invite other users. Select a user from the organization as shown in Figure 5.7 .

    Figure 5.7 Select the user to invite to the project
  2. Then select the permission you want to set for the new user choosing one of the three options shown in Figure 5.8 (see a detailed description of the different user Permissions in Table 2.2 ) and click on the Add button.

    Figure 5.8 Select the user permissions in the project
  3. Finally, you will see the user in the list of users for that project (see Figure 5.9 ).

    Figure 5.9 See the invitee in the user list of the project

The invitee will receive a notification e-mail and the project will also appear in his or her organization Dashboard. If there are no more users to invite in the organization, the option to add more users to the project will be disabled.

5.2.2 Managing User Permissions in a Private Project

As the admin of a private project, you can set different Permissions per user. The levels of permissions define the user actions in the projects, basically, the project metadata, the users in the project, and the access to the project resources. There are three different levels of permissions: Admin permissions permissions, Write permissions permissions, and Read permissions permissions. All the actions per each level are detailed in Table 2.2 .

You can change the permissions of a given user in a project by clicking on the corresponding option to the left of the user name (see Figure 5.10 ).

Figure 5.10 Change user permissions in a project

5.2.3 Removing Users from a Private Project

If you have Admin permissions permissions for a Private projects, you can remove users by clicking on the option shown in Figure 5.11 .

Figure 5.11 Remove users from projects

The user will receive a notification e-mail about their removal.

Note: when you remove a user from a project, all the resources created by this user will remain in the project.