Organizations with the BigML Dashboard

6.4 Editing the Organization Information

The Owner can edit the following organization information by clicking on the Information section (see Figure 6.18 ):

  • Organization display name: the original name of the organization set during the organization creation cannot be modified (the name used for the URL in the project list). However, you can edit the name displayed for your organization. This name accepts spaces and other characters besides letters and numbers.

  • Organization e-mail: this is the e-mail where all the organization notifications will be sent. If the billing e-mail is a different one, the billing information notifications will be sent to the billing e-mail.

  • Billing details: the subscription plan will be billed to the person or the organization that you provide for the billing information.

    • Name

    • Billing e-mail

    • Address

    • City

    • State/Province

    • Tax ID

    • ZIP/Postal Code

    • Country

Figure 6.18 Organization information