Organizations with the BigML Dashboard

6.1 Updating the Organization Subscription

The Owner can manage the organization subscription to upgrade or downgrade the subscription plan, as well as to add or remove users from the organization.

To update your subscription, you need to go to the Subscription plan section in your organization account and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Change plan button.

    Figure 6.4 Change organization subscription plan
  2. In the subscription plan page, choose the new plan using the slider and/or change the desired number of users. Then click Update .

    Figure 6.5 Select the new subscription plan
  3. A confirmation message with all the information of the previous and the new plan will appear. If you agree with the new conditions, click the Update button.

    Figure 6.6 Compare the current plan and the new plan and confirm the change

    Note: the new plan will be billed to the bank card linked to the organization account (see section 6.3 ), not to your personal account card.

If the new plan is more expensive than your current plan, the new plan will take immediate effect. For the first period of your new plan, BigML will charge you the difference between the new plan price and the prorated value of the previous plan that you did not use. For example, imagine you bought a Boosted plan with 4 additional users for a total price of $630/month on the 1st of January. On the 15th of January, you upgrade your subscription to a PRO plan with the same number of users for a total price of $1,300/month. BigML will charge you ($1,300 - 0.5x$6309) = $985 instead of the $1,300 for the first month of your new PRO plan. You will be able to see the new plan details in your account.

Figure 6.7 Upgrade subscription

On the other hand, if the new plan is cheaper than your current plan, the new plan will take effect when the current plan billing period ends. You will find your current plan details in your account and a side note that informs the new plan when the next billing cycle starts.

Figure 6.8 Downgrade subscription

You can always cancel the new plan and reset the current one by clicking on the option Back to current plan .

Figure 6.9 Reset subscription

A message will pop up asking for confirmation. You need to insert your current account password to confirm it.

Figure 6.10 Reset subscription confirmation

6.1.1 Cancel the Organization Subscription

Only the Owner can cancel the organization subscription. The cancelation will take effect when your current billing cycle ends. If you cancel the subsription, the organization users will have access to the projects and resources that have been created during the subscription period, but no one will be able to create, edit, move or delete resources in the organization when the cancelation takes effect.

To cancel the subscription, click on the Cancel plan button as shown in Figure 6.11 .

Figure 6.11 Cancel plan

You need to confirm the cancelation inserting your current account password.

Figure 6.12 Confirm subscription cancelation