Organizations with the BigML Dashboard

5.4 Creating resources within projects

The creation of any BigML resource such as Sources, Datasets, Supervised learning and Unsupervised learning learning models, and WhizzML scripts and executions, works exactly the same in the organization Dashboard as in your personal Dashboard. The main difference is that resources must belong to a project in the organization. The main reason for this is that Permissions are assigned by project, not by resource.

Anyone in the organization can create resources in a Public projects, however, only the Owner, Admin and other users with at least Write permissions permissions can create resources in a Private projects.

You can see who creates each resource in an organization. The creator information can be seen in the top left corner of the resource view (see Figure 5.16 ) as well as in the resource Info panel in the Details section (see Figure 5.17 ).

Figure 5.16 See the creator of the resource in the resource view
Figure 5.17 See the creator of the resource in the info panel

Although resources have a creator, the resources will always belong to the organization. If a user is removed from the organization (section 4.4 ) or a user deletes their personal account, all the resources created by that user will still be available from the organization account.