Organizations with the BigML Dashboard

4.1 Inviting Users

If you are the Owner or the Admin of an organization, you can invite other users to join the organization. You can invite as many users as your subscription plan allows (see section 3.4 ). You can see the number of users you can still invite to the organization as shown in Figure 4.5 (in this example you could invite 4 more users).

Figure 4.5 Users allowed by your subscription plan

Users can be invited to join the Organization in a one-by-one basis or by using special organization invitation links that will be shared with them via email allowing self-registration in the Organization. In the first scenario, the administrator can specify all the permissions and projects that the user is allowed to use upon registration. In the latter, all users will be registered with the same minimal permissions and they’ll only have access to public projects in the Organization unless the owner or administrators activate the option to automatically create a private project. Any special permissions or the access to non-public projects in the organization will need to be granted later by the administrator.

4.1.1 Individualized invitation

To invite a new user, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Invite user button (Figure 4.6 ).

    Figure 4.6 Invite a new user

    The invitation form will be displayed (Figure 4.7 ).

    Figure 4.7 Insert the BigML user name and select a role
  2. Insert the BigML user name of the new user you want to invite. The new user must have a BigML account. Also select the Role you want for this user in the organization. You can find a brief role definition next to the selector (see all role descriptions in Table 2.1 ). By default, new users will have Member roles. When you have already inserted the user name and selected the role, click the Invite button.

    Figure 4.8 Insert the BigML user name and select a role
  3. If the user name is correct, you will see the new user in the INVITATIONS SENT section along with a message to inform you the invitation is awaiting confirmation (see Figure 4.9 ).

    Figure 4.9 Invitation awaiting confirmation

    The invitee will receive an invitation via e-mail and also a notification in his or her personal BigML account in the Organizations section so he or she can accept or reject the invitation.

    Figure 4.10 Notification in the invitee account

    If the user name does not exist, you will see an error message like the one in the image below.

    Figure 4.11 Wrong user name inserted
  4. The user can accept or reject the invitation. If the user accepts the invitation, you will see the new user in the organization account (Figure 4.12 ).

    Figure 4.12 User accepts the invitation

    If the user rejects the invitation, you will see a notification as the one shown in (Figure 4.13 ).

    Figure 4.13 User rejects the invitation

When there are no more invitations left, the invitation button will be disabled as shown in Figure 4.14 . If you want to invite more users, you will need to update your organization subscription plan first because each additional user has a cost associated (see section 6.1 ). There is no limit for the number of users you can add to a given organization.

Figure 4.14 No user invitations left

4.1.2 Automated new private project assignment

The Organization owner and administrators can decide to automatically assign a new private project to every user that joins the Organization. By activating the switch in Figure 4.15 , all users that join the Organization will automatically get a private project. As a result, Restricted members will only be able to work in their own private project and public projects, while the rest of users will be able to create and delete additional projects freely.

Figure 4.15 Activation of the automated new project creation when joining the Organization.

4.1.3 Self-registration Invitation Links

The Owner or the Admin of an organization will find a panel in the Organization configuration view (<OrganizationName>/users) with links that can be shared to invite members to the Organization.

Older Organizations can present a previous panel allowing to activate those invitation links.

The self-registration links can be shared with new or existing users as required. Mind that each link serves one kind of scenario: New users, that need to register in BigML and join the Organization, and existing users already registered in BigML that only need to join the Organization.

Both can be disabled or regenerated anytime, and doing so will render any previous links useless. It will also change the associated Current users tag. The value of that tag is the date in which the links were generated, and will be associated to each user that enrols using the link.

Users registering through the self-registration links will be automatically assigned a Restricted member profile (see section 4.3 ).

The self-registration process varies slightly depending on the link used. Following the first link, users will land in a customized registration form informing that the registration will include joining the Organization (see the blue block in Figure 4.19 ).

Figure 4.19 Organization invitation form

After filling in the usual name, email, country and credentials information and accepting BigML’s Terms of Service, they will be enrolled in BigML and the Organization at once.

Figure 4.20 New Organization member welcoming message

At the same time, the Owner of the Organization will be notified about the user having joined the Organization via email.

When using an invitation link, some special conditions might arise. The user will receive an error message if:

  1. The Organization does not exist anymore or is dormant.

  2. No more users are allowed in the Organization.

  3. The Organization Invitation link has changed or is no longer active.

Already registered users can use the second link. If already logged in, following the link will immediately enroll them in the Organization. If no logged in user is detected, the login form will be shown to allow the user to log in first.