Organizations with the BigML Dashboard

2.1 The Organization Dashboard

By creating an organization or accepting the invitation to an organization in BigML, you will enjoy two separate workspaces:

  • Personal account: you will still be able to access your own Dashboard in the same way you are accostumed to. All the projects and resources created in this space will remain totally private.

  • Organization account: the organization Dashboard works exactly the same as your personal Dashboard, the two main differences are (1) resources and projects are not private anymore (other members in the organization can view and use them) and (2) no resource can be created without belonging to a project. The main reason for this is that Permissions are granted at the project level, not at the resource level. Therefore, all resources must belong to a given project where different users will have different permissions.

You can navigate between those two environments by selecting your Dashboard or the organization Dashboard as shown in Figure 2.1

Figure 2.1 Navigate between the organization Dashboard and your personal Dashboard

The organization will have a separate subscription plan from your personal account. Depending on the workspace you are working on, you will enjoy the subscription that applies to that workspace. The information of the corresponding subscription will be shown in the top menu of the Dashboard as shown in Figure 2.2 . You can read more information about organization subscriptions in section 3.4 .

Figure 2.2 Organization subscription

You can move resources from your personal account to the organization, but not the other way around (to avoid privacy conflicts).