Organizations with the BigML Dashboard

5.1 Public versus Private Projects

When creating a project, you can decide if it is public or private by clicking on the switch highlighted in Figure 5.5 .

Figure 5.5 Create a private or public project

If your project is public, all users in the organization will have access to it with Write permissions permissions. If your project is private, only the members and restricted members with at least Read permissions permissions will be able to access it (although the Owner and the Admin in the organization will have full access). Furthermore, you can set different levels of Permissions for users in private projects. See a summary of the differences between public and private projects in the Table 5.1 below.





All users in the organization can access projects.

The owner and admins have full access, but members and restricted members need to have at least read permissions to access projects.

User permissions

Admin permissions (for the creator) and write permissions (for the rest of users).

Admin, write, and read permissions.

Table 5.1 Project privacy settings

If you have Admin permissions permissions for a given project, you will be able to change the type of an existing project by clicking on the edition icon next to the project name (see Figure 5.6 ).

Figure 5.6 Change from public to private projects and vice versa

If the project changes from public to private, all the users with previous access to the project will be removed and you will need to invite the users you want to the project. If the project changes from private to public, all the organization users will have access to the project with write permissions. Users will be notified about these changes in their Dashboards.